About me and my path:

We all have dreams, things that are in the core of what we truly love to do. That is the key to your gifts you came here with, and the wonderful things you can bring to this world. I have always had two very strong loves; that of music, and also of helping people in the medical field. I guess in a way, they both boil down to making people smile and giving them something that makes them happy - be it a song, or the life of a loved one.

I spent the last twenty-plus years of my adult life having a "sensible" job and putting aside my love of music. I have worked as a paramedic, and am very grateful to the knowledge I have learned, and the wonderful memories of making a positive difference in people's lives medically. Making such an amazing impact like that in someone's life is a feeling so wonderful, it has to be experienced - a touch of God's work here on earth.

I did work briefly with a singing manager in 1999, by the name of Bill Yelton; However, I was basically living at the ambulance base working 24-shifts, and was unable to pursue music at that time due to constraints of time, finances, and the fact that I didn’t have any original music back then.

Aside from my enjoyment of "making a difference" medically,
I never could quite forget my love of music.
Now, for all of you who say "I love to _________, but
I can't __________". NEVER SAY NEVER!

I have said for years "oh, I have no idea where songs come from, or
how people just pull them out of thin air."
Well, after several "divine nudges" about music, and writing songs, I finally decided I had better learn something about it. I was praying/meditating/searching for an answer to how to even get started, and it came to me as though spoken; "look around you - what do you see, what do you think, what do you feel." Yea, so much for me thinking I couldn't do it!! Now everywhere I look I get ideas....

So, my point is - find your dream, find what you love the most, where your heart and spirit says to go....think of what would you be doing if the usual aggravations of time and money weren't in the way....then give it to God, let the Universe help you out....focus by using mental imagery, FEEL and BELIEVE you are in that circumstance in your mind....and your thoughts and vibrations combined with God, can start to make things happen.

I'm not saying it will be an easy overnight change (that would be nice, wouldn't it!)...however we live in a world of "frozen molasses". Sometimes it takes time for the changes to happen, but they can and do happen. Quantum physics is even finding actual science to back up such concepts. With prayers, positive thoughts, imagery, and trudging ahead with creativity and determination, you can and will make forward progress on your dreams and your gifts. DON'T go around saying "I can't" because the Universe will say "yes" to whatever you think and believe. The more positive you put out, the more positive impact it will have in your life, and the lives of others. This is OUR world - lets put out the positive vibs of joy, peace, and love!!